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Introducing a modern spin on hand percussion as only OffWorld can imagine. The Gemini™ Series is a beautiful new line of instruments created to provide multifaceted, lightweight and portable percussion options, equipping a wide range of players and styles.

Sound: Woody and organic tone quality, with a satisfying cajon-style slap that integrates into a wide variety of percussive idioms. 

Design: Each Gemini™ is hand-crafted with beautiful birch and maple playing surfaces, providing a clearly differentiated pitch per playing zone, per side. The result amounts to literally two different sounding instruments by simply flipping it over.  The edges are ported for greater sound projection and to augment directed microphone placement.  Each unit sports gold-plated guitar strap buttons and leather guitar-style strap for ease in live performance mobility, turning any percussion-savvy player into a true "Drum-Slinger".

Shipping is included in the price of the item, within the contiguous United States. International customers please contact us so we can include the difference in shipping price to your location. Thank you!

Sizing and Pricing: 

  • Gemini™ DUO 6/8" $84.00  
  • Gemini™ DUO 6/10" $99.00  
  • Gemini™ DUO 8/10" $114.00  
  • Gemini™ DUO 8/12" $129.00  
  • Gemini™ DUO 10/12" $144.00  
  • Gemini™ DUO 10/14" $169.00  
  • Gemini™ DUO 12/14" $179.00  



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Price $84.00