Skinz Series INVADER™ V3 VML™ Laminate Disks

Skinz Series INVADER™ V3 VML™ Laminate Disks
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These disks are for use with the INVADERV3 series only. They cover the full span of a 12" diameter playing surface, maximizing volume and articulation possible across the entire pad.

The vinyl upper layer is laser-scored with a dot, both for visual stroke accuracy and to allow eventual replacement after significant wear (1 additional replacement dot is included).

Our INVADER Vinyl Mylar Laminate (VML) products are now being manufactured without adhesive backing.  DarkMatter™, when well cleaned and back to its original state, is able to grip the VML as if it had adhesive.  This new variation is much more easily removed and replaced when desired, which is perfect for modifying and/or extending the life of your pad.  *Before purchasing, see the below information and instructions for cleaning your pad.

USPS Shipping included with purchase for domestic USA ONLY.

Currently Available in 3 colors with or without adhesive backing:

• Black

• Gunmetal

• Blue Chameleon

International customers please contact us directly for a shipping quote:



*If your DarkMatter™ surface is unable to achieve its original slightly tacky feel, you will need to select the adhesive option. To thoroughly clean your DarkMatter™ surface to determine which variation of VML will work for your pad, use Windex™, or similar cleaner, and a clean paper towel.  With each successive cleaning, be sure to use a fresh paper towel and a generous amount of Windex™.  If the paper towel begins to stick to the surface, and the DarkMatter™ "grabs" your finger as you gently slide it across, the standard non-adhesive version of the VML will work.  If, after multiple cleanings, your surface remains slick, choose the adhesive option.

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