The SHUTTLE™ VML™ Series

The SHUTTLE™ VML™ Series
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The SHUTTLE™ Series VML Featuring BLACK or GUNMETAL Vinyl/Mylar Laminate Surfacing options.

A practice implement specifically designed with enough playing surface to allow for natural technique while spanning across a players lap or atop a 14" snare drum. It is slim enough to slide down perfectly into the center of most stick bags, for ease in transport.

• Featuring our VML surfaced DARKMATTER™ for greater volume and enhanced articulation.

• Equipped with Offworld's low profile patented Rims™ component, and complimented by a non-slip neoprene base with a flashy silver logo.

• Lightweight and ultra-portable - A perfect addition for larger sized stick bags and related kits.

A great fundamental starter pad for beginners, and a compact/mobile alternative for the pros.



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